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Angi-Shy Feb 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
well well well, lets see the mighty fail troll dick...every time i visit your account lately, i only laugh when i remember times when you were laughing at animaniacs fans and saying you will never stop bothering them and will never leave DA...and now i come to this, haha...maybe you already received postal package with that brain you ordered? Or you jsut left justl ike i expected? That youll get bored of it when nobody gives a single shit to your forgotten "fame". oh bro memories of you still make my days lol
So he's not active for a length of time and after he attacked other people for bad grammar and fans that gave a bad name to one of his favorite shows. Like when Sonic fans troll other Sonic fans for drawing recolors and art that would disgust them for something reasonable?

So the best you can do is just assert your pride by "laughing" at him just because he's not active after giving his "trollish" opinions to the specific people that he claimed that ruined his fanbase.  (I.e. The guy who's name starts with an 8)

Yes, that situation drawing with a young character IS pedophilia. Plus drawing adult characters with affairs with young characters if they are really underage is against the rules.

(He confused "OC/Original Character" with "FC/Fan Character" which you guys actually draw)

You know coming up just to "laugh" at him isn't going to make you a better person than he is.

Plus if he really was a "FAIL troll" then you would've just not reacted to him by visiting him and making comments to him.  You would just block him at the start and not use your time on him.

Also your signature sparks some irony.
Angi-Shy Apr 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
lol whatever you say smartass
I did MORE research after I posted that comment and I discovered more irony that you have shown, I looked at the deviations TAU has posted and the stamp that says FCs are not OCs (which is a FACT).
So someone insults him without countering the fact of his stamp and you agree with the insult. Before that you say "no offense", automatically EXPOSED!

Plus that message "No offense and not to be rude...but why do you say these things..if you don't even have an OC anymore? Couldn't all this just be Hakuna Matata?" Didn't counter anything that TAU said.

Another comment you said in response to "flame wars incoming" you disagreed with while all you did was insult TAU again.  So what you said "there will be no flame wars" was proven false BEFORE you posted it.

You just showed to me that you are guilty of trolling yourself.

Ironic you have the nerve to call him "pathetic" and/or "immature" when he's not been active on the internet attacking people, unlike what your doing here after he's been inactive for about 2 years you come up to his channel and ATTACK him by BOASTING that he's not around DA anymore or that he's dead.  
By the looks of it, TAU's currently more mature than you that he's not around attacking people but here you are attacking him after 2 years of inactivity.

You did an INCREDIBLY poor job of ignoring him.

Plus just insulting me ESPECIALLY WITHOUT countering anything that I've said isn't going to help you.
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Lolno. TheAccountuser98 seems like a cool dude.
Angi-Shy Feb 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
if youre a troll, too, theres no surprise, lol
I don't even know if he is trolling. I'm not even here to troll.
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Small world eh? I can't exactly remember who you are completely, but from what I remember you were the decent member of something otherwise crap, or may have bene one of my generals back in the day.

Whatever it is, you seem to have become rather swell yourself my good man. Cheers mate.
N7-Commander May 20, 2013  Professional
Are you there? It's me ~LiteratePothead.
Hey dude, you have friends that place a great value on you.

I won't be afraid to make another comment. A lot of us miss you dude. You haven't read the private messages we have been sending you.

You ARE still listed in my 'best friends' list for a reason.

Some of your other friends would also like to see you return.

Please make a comeback, we would like to talk with you in a live chatroom. Read the PMs I've sent you.

We know you can read this.
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